• Farm Location: Clifton, Kansas
  • Generations on the farm: 3
  • Food products raised on the farm: pork, wheat, corn, grain sorghum, and soybeans

meet the

Condray Family

Hello, and thank you for visiting our page! My name is Kent and I farm one of 1,500 pork farms in Kansas. My family and I live in the north central part of the state.

I started in the pig business through the FFA program in 1968. My brother was in high school and I was a seventh-grader when we purchased our first pigs. After graduating high school, I returned home and took over the small farm my family owned. 

Our farm today grows both pigs and crops. Our pork farm is a farrow-to-finish farm, which means we have sows (mother pigs), young growing hogs, and hogs being fed for market. I am a firm believer that if you take care of your animals and the land they live on, they will produce a healthy and nutritous product in return.

My wife Marian and I have raised three daughters on our farm: Sarah, Laura and Andrea. They keep us plenty busy. 

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This farmer is being patient and letting the pigs slowly walk to their new barn. By standing close behind them, he is making sure none of the pigs turn around and head back the other direction.
It is important that farmers keep records of the pigs or hogs on their farm. Here, Kent Condray is checking his paperwork.
This little piggy is heading from the nursery barn to the finishing barn.
Feed is held in individual storage containers called feed bins outside of barns. Some Kansas farmers are "land-based," meaning they can grow much of the feed for hogs on their farm.
One of the Condray Family’s employees stops to check on this young pig in the nursery barn.