• Farm Location: Southwest Kansas
  • Generations on the farm: 2
  • Food products raised on the farm: pork

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Hello, and thank you for visiting our page! My name is Jim and I farm one of 1,500 pork farms in Kansas. My family and I live in the southwest part of the state.

About 30 years ago I started raising hogs. After two years in college I was offered the opportunity to manage a farm in Nebraska. It's been great to watch the continual improvement that our farms have made over the years. Today, I work for Seaboard Foods. I still work on the farms I manage and I couldn't imagine it any other way. My wife, Nancy, and I have enjoyed raising our four children; Mandy, Mason, Miranda and Masheala, in a rural area.  

Our farms in southwest Kansas are known as wean to finish farms. Young pigs are transported to us from another farm and then we feed and care for them until they reach market weight, or about 280 lbs. At that time, Seaboard helps us transport the animals to their processing facility.