• Farm Location: Bern, Kansas
  • Generations on the farm: 3
  • Food products raised on the farm: pork, wheat, corn, and soybeans

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Haverkamp FAMILY

Hello, and thank you for visiting our page! My name is Alan (third from left). My brothers and I farm one of 1,500 pork farms in Kansas. My family and I live in the northeast part of the state.

My four older brothers started raising pigs in high school and in the early 1980's we all decided to form a partnership. We all live on the farm with our families. My family conists of my wife, Ronda, and our three kids Curtis, Cole, and Kristen. 

My family and I are very passionate about continuous improvement on our farm, like many of my fellow pork farmers here in Kansas. It has been great to see our farm grow and continue to change to better care for our employees, our animals, and the environment. 

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Alan Haverkamp works hand in hand with employees to make sure the farm is running smoothly.
Alan Haverkamp, farmer from northeast Kansas, in the farrowing (birthing) barn.