• Farm Location: Sycamore, Kansas
  • Generations on the farm: 4
  • Food products raised on the farm: pork, wheat, corn, and soybeans

meet the

Springer Family

Hello, and thank you for visiting our page! My name is Michael and I farm one of the 1,500 pork farms in Kansas.

My family and I live in the southeast part of the state. We started raising hogs in the late 1940's with my grandparents, Lee and Dorothy. The second generation of our farm include my parents, Chuck and Debbie and my Aunt and Uncle, Dale and Judy. In 2008, our four families joined together in a partnership to make Springer Family Foods.

My wife, Christy, and I stay pretty busy around the farm and very busy raising our boys. My hope is for them to become more involved in our farm as they grow up. Christy's role on the farm is updating records on the animals and working in our community. Anything we can do to connect our community to our farm is very important to us as a family.

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Christy Springer knows that farming is a family affair. All members of the family help on the farm. Note Christy's booties. Booties like these keep animals healthy and Christy's feet clean- even in sandals.
Care and kindness are taught everyday in and around Kansas farms.
A farmers job is never done. Whether it is in the barn or in the field, farming is a 24 hour a day lifestyle.
The Springer Family pose for a quick picture.
About 98% of hogs raised in Kansas are raised inside barns to keep them comfortable in the variable Kansas weather. Barns help farmers keep pigs cool in the summer, warm in the winter and safe from predators.
The Springer Family's family picture in 2011.
Being a farmer means doing a little bit of everything. Michael Springer (left), helps with this on-farm project.