• Farm Location: Blaine, Kansas
  • Generations on the farm: 3
  • Food products raised on the farm: pork, wheat, corn, and soybeans

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Hello, and thank you for visiting our page! My name is Ron. My family and I farm one of 1,500 pork farms in Kansas. We live in the northeast part of the state.

I started the farm in the 1970's with the vision of making it a successful family run business in rural America. Today I farm in partnership with my wife Micki, my father Ralph, and my bother Dan. My wife and I live on the farm. We have five children; Tracy, Audrea, Matt, Greg and Grace. They were all raised on our farm, and Matt and Grace still work there. We have changed our farm in recent years and are currently working with other local farmers to help them with raising young pigs. We receive the pigs at three weeks of age and then care for them until they are about three months old, or about 80 pounds. 

Micki runs the nursery barns and makes sure all of our youngest pigs get a good start. Grace (daughter pictured left) also enjoys helping with the young nursery pigs. The type of farm we run as a family allows us to continue in raising hogs yet not have the rigorous birthing schedule that a farrowing, or birthing, farm has.

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Grace work's on a feeder. A feeder is used to provide pigs or hogs with the right amount of feed at the right time. It can be adjusted by the farmer at anytime to allow more or less feed and is checked regularly.