6 Quick & Delicious Family Meals

Feeding your family lean, healthy pork can be a cinch! Here is a roundup of some amazing meals that are so easy to make, you won’t have to read the recipe more than once - ideal healthy meals for busy families! Life gets so crazy - just print these family friendly pork recipes and don’t worry about dinner. Food for the whole family can be hard to plan, but these recipes are sure to please.

Cheesy _ham _and _macaroni _hr

1. Cheesy Ham & Macaroni
One-dish meals like this skillet dinner are a cinch! After 30 minutes, you have a complete and nutritious meal. Veggies, noodles, cheese and ham - so comforting and perfect. This is a huge hit for kids who love cheesy noodles too.

Pork -wontons -2

2. Pork and Cabbage Wontons
Change things up with this fabulous finger food. These are pretty simple to make - just lay the mixture in the wrappers and then fry them. Make it a utensil-free dinner with other finger dishes like carrot sticks or fruit kabobs.

Pulled _Pork _Soft _Tacos _HR

3. Pulled Pork Soft Tacos
These are super simple to make, especially if you use leftover pulled pork! And if you stuff the taco full of lettuce and veggies you can eat all your nutrients in one dish. These tacos are perfect with a side of fresh guacamole and chips too.

Honey -Pecan -Pork -Cutlets-

4. Honey Pecan Pork Cutlets
The honey-sweet glaze on these cutlets is topped with the crunchy, earthy pecans and create a lip-licking combination. Add some steamed, salted veggies and mashed potatoes - your family will beg for seconds!

Honey -Mustard _Tenderloin _HR

5. Honey-Mustard Tenderloin
It really does only take 35 minutes from start to mouth-watering finish to make this amazing tenderloin! The sauce tastes amazing over baked potatoes. Home made cooking your family will ask you to make again, and again.

Bacon _wrapped _pork _medallions _with _garlic _mustard _butter _hr

6. Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions

Amazing! Total prep time is only 20 minutes. If you are really in a crunch for time, pull out some raw veggies and hummus for a healthy and lean meal that will nourish your family without stressing you out in the kitchen.

And anything with bacon is a huge winner.

These recipes are crowd pleasers, and easy ways to use pork! If you’re looking for more resources on kid friendly pork recipes, look no further than our Recipes section!

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