Ham Pizza Snacks Activity & Lesson Plan

Ham Pizza Snacks Activity & Lesson Plan

The plans are created for a variety of grade levels, starting with middle school and going through to culinary arts classes. From organizing recipe steps to safe food preparation, standardizing recipes, and hands-on labs, these materials are student and teacher friendly. Each lesson plan provides the National FCS Standards, Objectives, and 21st Century Skills.

Ham Pizza Snacks
Grocery Store Savvy
Grade Levels: Intermediate School & Middle School
Objective: Students will develop consumer skills for identifying pork cuts in the marketplace, and collecting
relevant product information.

Pork Basics fact sheet 
Proper Meat Quality–Selecting Pork online video
Grocery Store Savvy activity

Kansas pork farmers have made the following educational resource available for download or you can email us for free copies for your classroom. You may print and reproduce this material for use in your classroom or other educational purposes. 

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