20 Easy Casserole Recipes with Pork

Having easy casserole recipes on hand is key to successful family meals.  We have casserole recipes that are kid friendly and crowd pleasers!  Ground pork and sausage is our favorite meat to make casseroles taste great at any meal!


Easy Casserole Recipes

One of our favorite ingredients to make delicious casseroles is ground pork.  Ground pork provides protein which helps us feel satisfied.  Ground pork is versatile and can take on so many great flavors at any meal! 


What is in a Casserole?
Since several ingredients can be mixed together and cooked in one dish.  Casseroles can include so many combinations of ingredients that an entire meal can often be prepared in one pan. 

Ground pork is a great protein to include in casseroles.  We recommend cooking ground pork before adding other ingredients to it in the casserole. 

Casserole Recipes for Breakfast
Sausage is ground pork with herbs, spices and other flavorings added.  Sausage can take on so many flavor profiles that it’s the perfect meat to include in breakfast casseroles!

Here are some easy breakfast casseroles from food bloggers all over the United States: 


Crock Pot Casseroles with Sausage
Sausage works very well in crock pot casseroles.  Here are a variety of easy slow cooker casseroles from across the midwest: 

 We hope these recipes help you prepare for the best casserole yet!

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