22 Best Taco Recipes with Pork

We all need quick and easy meals that are fun to eat, so we’re excited to share some of the best taco recipes on the internet!  These tacos are packed with flavor because they all feature pork!  Since pork is a great value these recipes are budget friendly.



Taco Meat Recipe

Keeping meat on hand that is versatile is so important when trying to keep food on the table.  Ground pork is a great staple to keep in the refrigerator because ground meat can be used in so many recipes.  Pork shoulder is another cut of meat that can be used for many meals.

Here are some taco recipes featuring the very versatile meats, ground pork or pork shoulder: 


Taco Tuesday was big for a while, but now everyday of the week is a good day to eat a taco.  We like to mix up our mealtime routine by using pork in tacos.  Leftover pork roast, pork chops or pork belly can be sliced, cubed or shredded and included in tacos. 

 Award for most creative Taco Tuesday recipe idea goes to Dude Foods for Bacon Weave Tacos with Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese & Red Cabbage Slaw!  Who wouldn’t want to eat a taco in a bacon shell?

 Other unique Taco Tuesday recipes we can’t wait to eat!


Best Carnitas Recipes

Pork shoulder has a lot of flavor and makes delicious carnitas!  This cut of meat cooks well using a low and slow cooking method or in an electric pressure cooker.

Here are some easy carnita and pulled pork recipes from food bloggers:

 We hope these recipes help you prepare for the best taco yet!


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