We are thrilled you are using the recipes, photos and content at our newly redesigned Eatpork.org! This site is brought to you by Kansas pork farmers across the state and the staff at the Kansas Pork Association.

Using Recipes and Photos from Eatpork.org

The new Eatpork.org has been built to optimize user experience and to appeal to search engines on the web.

Each of our recipe URLs have been built with the following specific page components:

  1. Recipe Photo
  2. Recipe Ingredients
  3. Recipe Steps
  4. Long-Form Recipe Content

While we are pleased to create content our partners enjoy, we ask our partners avoid replicating the entirety of our recipes on their websites. This will help us maintain our aggressive SEO goals and track our efforts across the web.

How to Use Recipes from Eatpork.org on Your Website

The best practice for using recipe content from Eatpork.org is to place the recipe photo, the recipe ingredients, and a link to the post at Eatpork.org in your new post on your website.

Please do not include any of the recipe steps or long-form recipe content.

We encourage you to share your own special story to bring this recipe photo and ingredients to life in a new and fun way that your web users may enjoy.

How to Use Recipes and Photos from Eatpork.org in Your Print Media

We encourage and appreciate our partners using our recipes from Eatpork.org for their printed media needs.

The best practice for using recipe content from Eatpork.org in your printed media is to email [email protected] to make the KPA staff aware of your usage. You may also need to ask for a hi-res version of any assets.

Use any recipe photos, the recipe ingredients, the recipe steps, and some or all of the long-from recipe content in your print media.

We ask that you use the following credit when reproducing assets from Eatpork.org: Courtesy of the Kansas Pork Association, Manhattan, KS.

For questions or comments about Eatpork.org, reach out to [email protected].